Daily shipping with DHL      |      New & Refurbished      |      Return policy: 1 month      |      easy to understand instructions

Daily shipping with DHL | New & Refurbished | Return policy: 1 month | Easy to understand instructions


Here you will find answers and help to the most important questions

We always strive to deliver your order as quickly as possible to our shipping service providers.

We promise you a shipment within 24 hours after receipt of payment, so no later than the next business day.

We often ship orders until 14:00 even on the same day.

Please note that we do not ship on holidays and weekends.

Just send us an informal e-mail including your order number to [email protected].

If your shipment has not yet been handed over to the parcel service, a cancellation is possible in most cases.

Brand new:

We take devices in “Brand New” condition directly out of packages of original AirPods sets and repack them. These devices have no signs of use.

As new:

AirPods and charging cases in mint condition are refurbished second-hand devices, some of which have undergone a complex cleaning and repair process. Here, screens are deep cleaned, surfaces polished and accumulators replaced. Due to previous use, the devices may show slight signs of use in some cases.

strong traces of use:

Devices with heavy signs of use go through the same processes as new devices and are technically flawless. We prepare these devices just as elaborately, clean them and check the battery conditions. Compared to devices in mint condition, however, these show much more severe signs of use (e.g. deep scuffs, discolorations or dents).

There are technical hurdles that can interfere with or prevent the setup and pairing between the newly purchased device and your existing set.

First, we ask you to go through the provided instructions (either in paper form or here on the homepage) again step by step.

If pairing still fails, the cause may be a non-original AirPod set.

Your existing AirPod set may not be original. Unfortunately, nowadays there are a lot of (and also very good) replicas in circulation that cannot be paired with original parts. Suspect your AirPods are counterfeit? We are happy to help you here. Just write us an email or WhatsApp message, there we will give you more information.

You can perform the following simple test:

A serial number is engraved in the lid of your charging case. You can check this number on this official Apple website regarding warranty status: www.checkcoverage.apple.com/ch/de/

If the page tells you that the device has supposedly been replaced or the serial number cannot be found, this is evidence of a non-original AirPod set.

Verification showed that your set is original and you still can’t get the AirPod paired? Please check the following:

Open your charging case and take out both AirPods and wait for the LED on the front or inside the charging case to go out. Now insert the AirPod you just bought from us into the charging case. The LED should now light up (usually green or orange) and go out again after approx. 10 seconds.

If this is not the case and the AirPod still does not connect, please contact us by mail or WhatsApp.

To pair a “foreign” AirPod with your existing set, a few steps are necessary. The setup itself is very simple and easy to understand and can be done by anyone without hesitation.

For your convenience, we have written instructions that we include in hard copy in the package with each order. With this, the new AirPod is paired with the rest of the set within about 20 minutes and can be used directly.

You want to find out about the setup before you buy?

Click on “Instructions” at the top of the bar. There you will find the instructions on how to pair a new AirPod.

You can pay in our online store with the following payment methods:

PayPal, credit card (incl. Apple and Google Pay), Amazon Pay, SofortÜberweisung / GiroPay and bank transfer (prepayment)

The delivery takes over with us:

within Germany: DHL (with tracking and insurance)
outside Germany (all EU countries): Deutsche Post (with tracking and insurance)

As soon as we have shipped your package, we will send you a shipping confirmation to the email address you provided. Here is the shipment number, with which you can track your package.

Please note that tracking can sometimes only become active 12 – 24 hours after shipment.

You have not received a shipping confirmation from us?

Please check the spam folder in your mailbox first. If applicable, our email landed here.

Again, you can’t find an email from us?

Just write us a message including your order number and we will tell you your shipment number.

To make use of your 1-month right of return, send us the goods well and safely packed:

Am Stillen Bach 1b
59757 Arnsberg

Please make sure that we can see from the parcel stamp that the package comes from you. To be on the safe side, you are welcome to put a note with your order number in the package. Refunds are usually issued within one business day of receipt of the return.

Note: We are not liable for any damage in transit. Therefore, send the goods sufficiently protected.

We are happy to offer you the possibility of an exchange. However, our recommendation is this:

To quickly get the right part, we recommend that you return the incorrectly ordered unit to us for a refund. You can then order the right part from our store and receive it much faster than with a classic exchange.

If you still want a classic exchange and refuse the above option, just send us an email to [email protected] or a WhatsApp message to 0176 4440 3648

Attached to your shipping confirmation we will send you a proper invoice with VAT.

You have not received the mail? Please also check your spam folder and write to us if you do not find what you are looking for.

Currently, we are available to you through the following contact options:

E-mail: [email protected]

WhatsApp: 0176 4440 3648